• Cope Mosaic can help you prepare and organize your important documents so they’re easy for your loved ones to one day locate and understand.
  • Cope Mosaic can help you navigate and probate your loved one’s entire estate from start to finish or help you with a single document or task.
  • Cope Mosaic provides many of the same services as a Wills and Estate attorney or financial advisor—at much-reduced rates.

Our mission at Cope Mosaic is to listen, gather, and solve. We know losing a loved one is never easy, so we aim through every interaction to make the burden you carry a little lighter.

We are an estate and probate management company, specializing in helping clients in Central Pennsylvania and surrounding counties navigate the complex financial and administrative issues that often arise after a loved one passes. We provide an array of services to help our clients prepare for end-of-life matters and to help their survivors handle their affairs after they pass.

We are a lower-cost alternative to an attorney or financial planner and provide many of the same services, including document organization, benefits assistance, and asset transfers. Please visit our About Us page and our Services page for additional information.

To schedule your complimentary phone consultation to discuss how we may serve you and your family during this time, please visit our Contact Us page.