You want to prepare your important documents so they’ll be accessible to your loved ones when they need them, but you don’t know where to start.

Or your loved one has recently passed away, leaving you to navigate his or her financial affairs, but there are too many calls to make, documents to sign, accounts to close, and in the midst of your grieving, it all seems overwhelming. It is overwhelming.

You need support—someone to make the calls, organize the documents, and figure it out for you. But you can’t afford, or simply don’t want or even need, to pay an attorney or financial planner to assist you, at least not with everything. You need a lower-cost, more accessible solution, someone who is going to figuratively (or even literally) hold your hand and honor you and your loved one through the process.

Cope Mosaic is here to help.

I’m Dana Willard, Founder and Case Manager of Cope Mosaic, an estate and probate management company specializing in helping people navigate the complex financial and administrative issues that often arise after a loved one passes.

Before founding Cope Mosaic, I worked for more than 25 years in the finance industry specializing in estate and probate matters. I created Cope Mosaic to combine my longtime experience helping families manage and process their loved ones’ affairs with my passion for supporting others when they need it most.

Through an array of specialized services ranging from document organization to asset transfers, our goal is to save every client time, stress, and money during what can be a chaotic and confusing time. A detailed list of our services is available on our Services page.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about how we may serve you and your family during this time. Please visit our Contact Us page to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.