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The Sun Newspaper article

Our company was featured in The Sun, great article about our services!  We offer a free phone consultation, please call us to discuss your needs.  


Aura Hill, The Sun:

Losing a parent, a spouse or other loved one is tough. Having to deal with all the ensuing legal and financial issues while grieving is even tougher, and having to face that mountain of paperwork on your own is the toughest.

Enter Cope Mosaic, a new Sun Country business serving those in Dauphin, Cumberland, Lebanon and Lancastercounties who need assistance managing the complicated transfer of assets when a loved one passes away.

“When you are grieving, it is hard to make correct decisions. I’m here to help put the pieces back together,” Dana Willard said.

Willard formed Cope Mosaic in October 2015 after having worked for an area Credit Union for 23 years. There she functioned as, among other things, a Deceased Accounts Adviser.

“As I sat there and did my job, people would ask me to come to their homes to handle their paperwork,” Willard said.

She knew in her position at the time, she could not function outside the company’s perimeters but the seed was planted.

She completed coursework in Organizational Leadership, a broad field that has allowed her to help guide people through the Registrar of Wills office, Probate, Veterans Administration and Social Security and assist in accounts consolidation, closing credit cards and debt reorganization, communication with financial institutions and attorneys and many other stressful duties. She even provides mobile notary services.

“No task is too small. We have helped to close accounts, even cancel subscriptions,” she said. “We break down the process into manageable steps, knowing what must be done immediately and what can wait.

“We want to make sure things are done correctly. We can help remove the emotion that runs high at times like this,” she said.

She has also worked with individuals who want to get affairs in order before they or a loved one dies.

She says she charges an hourly rate and focuses on the person’s specific needs.

For more information, visit, or call 975-7836.

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