Cope Mosaic helps you move forward.

I’m Dana Willard, founder of Cope Mosaic, a personalized service designed to help people navigate end-of-life decisions and paperwork processes.

Before founding Cope Mosaic, I worked for 25+ years in the finance industry specializing in estate and probate matters. Cope Mosaic combines my longtime experience helping families manage and process their loved ones’ affairs with my passion for supporting others when they need it most.

Cope Mosaic was created to save every client time, stress and money during what can be a chaotic and confusing time.

What is the Mosaic Path?

Your Mosaic Path includes every form you need to probate the estate, with handy guides for every step of the way. We collect everything you need in one place and customize it to your location — making the process as easy as possible to complete.

What our customers are saying.

“With my mother’s passing, I paid a lawyer over $2,500 to settle the estate. Cope Mosaic saved me hassle, time and over $2,000 when my father passed.”
“You cannot go wrong by having Cope Mosaic on your side. They offer peace of mind and put my needs first. I will recommend Cope Mosaic to my friends.”
“Cope Mosaic provided detailed instructions about each agency I needed to deal with, and was a great value for the cost. I was able to get all my paperwork done on time and stress-free. Cope Mosaic made everything so much easier during this difficult time.”
“Cope Mosaic explained everything that needed done in detail. They guided me through a process I knew nothing about, and made me think about getting prepared for the future. Cope Mosaic was extremely helpful.”
“The DIY Approach saved me money and I gained experience about the process. I’m so glad I used Cope Mosaic!”