Can you really process an Estate without legal help?

Did you know that most of the time Estates have a legal professional involved is because of disgruntled family members? OR because families want to contest the Will, or they want to initiate a lawsuit over the Will.  If your family is in agreement with what is laid out in the Will, it is just paperwork that you need to handle.  

We can help with that!  Our Mosaic Path is designed to guide you to do the Estate process on your own, based upon the county the decedent resided in.  A lot of people say this “isn’t a do it yourself kind of job”, however if you can do your taxes or even complete your Medicare/Retirement paperwork, you can do this also!  Don’t let it intimidate you.  We have designed it to be taken one step at a time, allowing you not to be overwhelmed.  You read the Will, you get sworn in as Executor, work to liquidate assets, and process paperwork in between, and it is that simple!  Also you have 9 months to complete it; plenty of time to work at your own pace.

Finally, we will be your team, helping you along the way, think of us like a tool always in your back pocket!

By Dana Willard