Probate doesn’t have to be difficult, (misconceptions of the probate process!)

It takes years to probate an Estate, not true again!  If you have family members that contest a Will, it could be delayed, but generally it is as fast as the person in charge of the Estate works it. Some states give tax benefits for completing it even faster!  Most Estates get completed in under 9 months.     

Probate cost a ton of money, not true!  Some states have probate fees, but most are under $500.  Now, if you hire an Attorney to work the Estate, this is where the costs can add up.  If you find a DIY solution, like our Mosaic Path Guidebook, you can save yourself, (the Estate) a lot of money.  Use our calculator on our homepage to see the difference. 

Finally, if there is a Will, and someone is appointed executor/executrix that cannot perform their duties, they can renounce their rights and have someone else appointed.  The most important thing it is someone everyone agrees upon, so there are no family complications. 

Don’t let the probate tasks intimidate you!  You can do it yourself and save a ton of money.  It is some paperwork, but if you follow our steps in the Mosaic Path Guidebook, you will be able to process the whole process on your own.  Answer our questions at the "get started" button today!


By Dana Willard