When is a good time?

As we sit here and think about this blog, time has gotten away from us.  In the whole month of March, time has slipped away to write our blog.  It is now April.  This got us thinking , when is a good time?  A good time to start preparing for end of life affairs?  When is a good time to have a conversation to tell your family about your wishes?  When is a good time to write that Will and pick an executor?

Anytime, is a great day to begin the decision making process.  What does an executor do?  They oversee the settling of your estate, pay debts, pay taxes, and ensure your beneficiaries receive their inheritance.  How do you pick one?  Characteristics of a good Executor would be a person that understands their duties, has patience (because an estate is a long process), trustworthiness, organized, pays attention to details.

Now is a good time to find someone if you haven’t already, that can handle your affairs.  Don’t let time get away from you, because tomorrow is never promised.  Most people wait for an event to happen in their lives to write a Will, like marriage, births, starting a business, buying a home, however it is important to think about your loved one’s today, don’t let time get away in making this important decision. 

By Dana Willard